What We Do

Filling The Void

Simply put, we expand on what is already happening; and we use it to our advantage! If there is a program, we assist it. If there is no program, we make one. If there are no courts, we build them. If there are bad courts, we resurface them. If there are not enough courts, we build more. If there are children in need of equipment and can’t afford it, we supply them. It’s all things pickleball, for all the reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with...well...pickleball

Why Pickleball

Reading the Tea Leaves

There is no denying the upward tick in growth & expansion when it comes to the sport of Pickleball! There are many debatable reasons as to why it has become the fastest growing sport in the world, but we’d like to focus on a few key points.


From a pickleball player’s perspective, the entrance cost is amongst the lowest in all of sports. Shoes and a Paddle! We’d love to make this a more detailed description for design and persuasive speech seasons...but that’s it!


Building pickleball courts sounds like an expensive endeavor, but amongst other sports, yet again, it carries one of the lowest costs of any sport per square foot/per player/per length of game. When you factor in maintenance and upkeep over long periods of time it’s difficult to find another sport that can offer so much, for so little, for so many.


If you can swat at a fly, you can swat at a ball! Of course, it takes a little more than that, but initial results come quickly; and the faster the results come, the more quickly the confidence will follow.


It doesn’t take a scholarly player to make a coach. It only takes someone who is familiar with the rules, understands how to keep score, and some minor playing experience. So, if you have to pay a coach, there is plenty to be found at a nominal fee.

We are not trying to fight against the tide, but rather go with it, and ride is far as we can go. Expanding on the sport of pickleball is just hopping in a vehicle to get to our destination. Our destination is to affect as many people as possible, with the most efficient and inexpensive means possible, in the most positive outcome possible.
The positive attributions which sports offers is well-documented, largely impactful, and still way underrated. And you don’t have to gather a group to go play. You can show up alone; and jump right in.

Get to know us better

We at Never Enough Pickleball®, are very delighted and proud to announce our introduction as a newly created 501(c)(3) Florida Nonprofit Corporation as of June 2023. After two years of research and a lifetime passion for mixing sports and community involvement, we could not escape the juggernaut of a sport that we, collectively, knew little about three years ago. As athletes, the founders understand that one sport can lead to another. Involved in organized and/or recreational sports and activities such as, but not limited to, baseball, softball, football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, golf, surfing, skiing, track and field, archery, tennis, racquetball, bowling, skateboarding - there is no discrimination in competition when we feel the need to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. Immediately, the thoughts on benefits show in a physical health form. But competitive nature doesn’t come without a level of confidence, which cyclically comes from competition. And this confidence doesn’t restrict itself to athletics. It carries on into other facets of life. It shows up in our academia, our careers, our ambitions.

It is with these inherent qualities of sports that we have chosen Pickleball as our vehicle to provide opportunities for engagement, development, life-lessons, and inner/outer growth from adolescence to senior life. We are never too old to feel young and ambitious in our minds.

Maintaining Our House

"Something" doesn't come from "Nothing!"

And that is why Never Enough Pickleball is committed to creating a community environment surrounding the mission. We must all be in a good place in order to give without losing ourselves, and those we help & teach must have a view of which to have aspirations. Learn more about our programs dedicated to the overall pickleball community.










Interested in joining our Team?

Can you spare a moment in time for a great cause? Dedicating a day or a few hours of your time can go a long way. Even taking the time to make a phone call to someone you think may be interested can have an overwhelming effect. After all, we are all connected, and part of the greater community. We all stand to benefit from the goodwill of others.

Six Degrees of separation

The theory that any person on the planet can be connected to any other person on the planet through a chain of acquaintances that has no more than five intermediaries.

The Butterfly Effect

The notion that the world is deeply interconnected, such that one small occurrence can influence a much larger complex system.


Something for everyone in one form or another



Everyone, individually, can play a part in donating to the mission. But that isn’t the only way to help. In the course of general conversation, spending a moment to make others aware, and encouraging them to be a part as well is a major contributing factor to the growth of the game and the potential benefits for all involved.


Event sponsorship is a great way to get your corporate name recognized & associated with a healthy cause. Pair your local business with hometown events. Regional, nationwide and international names with philanthropic goals? We will work with you to get the most exposure as possible through events, literature, our website or other partnerships where we may be involved.


It’s difficult to think of a substitute for the value placed on corporate sponsorship & endorsement of our mission. A name can say a lot, and a corporate name is “a lot of people” saying a lot. As we acknowledge those that stand behind the mission, we make efforts to showcase those companies and individuals who have made such an impact - wherever we can.


We encourage those that support our cause to purchase merchandise as well. Our apparel serves as walking billboards to promote and advance our brand and message. All proceeds go back into the charity’s mission. We also welcome ideas and designs from those that would like to be involved.


We take great pride in doing good and charitable work, but understand we are just a cog in the wheel. Working with other established nonprofits & foundations in furthering assistance that we can all offer to offset costs, get the right things to the right people, share the benefits of athletics, and bring awareness to “lack of opportunities” in high-need communities.


Our mission provides a great way to offload excess inventory from manufacturers, in a tax-beneficial way while filling the needs in low-income areas. This is a great way to knock down the costs of youth programs and schools. Acknowledgment of those who give, along with impact reports from the end-user programs will be represented on our website and promotional materials.

Partnership Programs

Your input is Welcomed

Contact us via the application form, by email or by phone.

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